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TS over IP Gateway
TS over IP Gateway is an head-end interface equipment which is used for DVB and Ethernet.
It both can be used for a receiver and a lancers!

NDS3204A 4 in1 MPEG-2 Super Encoder is a professional audio &video encoding
and multiplexer device.This device has four CVBS input interfaces and four pairs
of unbalanced analogue stereo audio input interfaces, and two ASI output interfaces.

DX328 8 IP Mux-Scrambling and modulation module
DX328 8 IP Mux-Scrambling and modulation module is the latest generational Mux-scrambling-
modulating all-in-one device. The modulardesign of this device makes each of its daughter cards
stand-alone when operating.

16 in 1 QAM modulator support MUX scrambling
NDS3343 is a cost effective integrated 16 in 1 QAM modulator support MUX scrambling. This device
support maximum 16 ASI input, after 4 multiplexer and 4 scrambler process, then gives 4 RF
output (4 adjacent frequency output by 1 RF port).

NDS3932 4 to 4 FTA DVB-S2 IRD
NDS3932 4 to 4 FTA DVB-S2 IRD is a cost effective and high integrated design of four DVB-S2
IRD in one U rack space,every single set performs and operates like a single FTA ASI IRD with
separate set of (2 * CVBS, 1 * Audio L, 1 * Audio R) and dual (mirrored) ASI.


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